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Hi, I'm Emily, and this is where I'll be sharing my restaurant reviews, recipes, and guides to where to find the best food in all the best cities. Feel free to check out my instagram or drop me a comment!  

Brown butter & white chocolate Easter crispy cakes | recipe.

Brown butter & white chocolate Easter crispy cakes | recipe.

Imagine the best rice crispy treats you ever had at a birthday party when you were 9, and then times that by 10. Buttery, nutty, chewy from the marshmallow and the perfect receptacle for mini eggs, all in under 30 minutes. I've made at least 4 batches this year and 2 batches last year and I may make 16 batches next year, what with square numbers and all. 

I've worked hard on these treats, very hard. One of those batches had far too high a crispy:marshmallow ratio and made a very dense and solid crispy - or as my sister said 'it's shit, you could do better'. She's a regular Gordon Ramsay, that one. 

So here you go, one simple recipe you can whip up in one big pot, perfect for little hands that want to help with stirring, ideal for the Easter bank holiday.  


100g unsalted butter | 50g white chocolate | 165g marshmallows (preferably mini) | 1/2 tsp sea salt | 160g puffed rice cereal | 2 bags of mini eggs plus 1 bag of micro eggs if you can find them! 

*optional extra - 2 tbsp skimmed milk powder* 

Makes 14.  

Melt the butter in large saucepan, and once it's melted, add the skimmed milk powder if you have it. What this does is add extra milk solids to the butter, which then become browned and make an ordinary beurre noissette even more noissette-y. 

Cook the butter until it foams and the butter solids have turned an orangey brown, then take it off the heat. If you accidentally went past this point and your milk solids are now a slightly burned dark brown, just call them burnt butter crispies and pretend you meant to be that edgy - they'll still taste good as most things made of fat and sugar will do, but you'll have a slightly bitter note to them. Very Bon Appetit.  

To your browned (hopefully) butter, add the white chocolate, broken into squares and the marshmallows. Keep stirring until it homogenises, and put it back over a low heat if it doesn't come together fully into a gloop mass. 

Add the sea salt, which should balance the sweetness from the marshmallows and make it so that you can eat more than one in quick succession. 

Now, take it off the heat agai and add in the rice crispie/puffed rice cereal. Stir carefully, because you want it to be mixed well but without crushing all the rice crispies, and you want there to be strands of marshmallow mix coating each crispy. 

Take a big heaped tablespoon of the mix and pop into a muffin case - I would recommend using clean hands to get it off the spoon and then use the spoon handle to nudge some of the mix from the middle into the outer edges, to form a nest of sorts. Be careful not to compact the mix too much. 

Once you've done this for all your mix, it's time to fill with the eggs. I go for a relatively strict mix of colour palettes (pink-purple-white, blue-yellow-white), but the world is your pastel-coloured oyster. You could even drizzle with melted chocolate or dust with gold leaf/edible glitter/ sprinkles. I like these as they are, pretty simple and plain and tasting like a super fancy kids party. 

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